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23rd December, 2009



The CEOs of All Insurers,
All ATIs (Online and Off-line),
Examination bodies,
The Secretary General - Life Insurance Council,
The Secretary General - General Insurance Council.


Sub: Launching of New Agency Licensing Portal


As you are aware, during the month of June 2009, the Authority initiated the process of revamping the present agency licensing portal in order to widen the scope of the portal - integrating the various stakeholders with this Agency Licensing system namely insurers, agent training institutes, examination bodies and the designated persons.

The development exercise commenced during the month of August 2009 after receiving feedback from various stakeholders of the portal through a workshop held in Hyderabad.  More than fifteen short-listed business users from various insurance companies participated for User Acceptance Test (UAT) at NSE-IT development center during the month of October /November. This was followed by detailed workshop presentations on how the portal will function; to all stakeholders at Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai which was successfully completed in the first week of December ’09.

 It has now been decided to launch the new licensing portal from    5th January 2010 as per the following guidelines:-

1.      The current portal would be UNAVAILABLE for use from 2nd January 2010 to 4th January 2010 for migration of data from the current portal to the new one.

2.      From 5th January 2010 onwards, both old and new versions would be simultaneously available for use for a period of one month (i.e. till 5th February 2010).  In this one month period, i.e. from  5th January 2010 till 5th February 2010,  the current sponsored candidates, who have already undertaken training, and/or have examination scheduled/completed examinations can be licensed in the old portal with the following restrictions:

                    i.     All candidates must complete the training and examinations by 31st Jan 2010.

                  ii.     All licenses must be issued in the old portal by 5th February 2010.

3.      All candidates sponsored by insurers on or after  5th January 2010 should be registered in the new portal ONLY. Licenses generated in the new portal would start with a new series.

4.      All the options EXCEPT issue of new licenses and duplicate license printing (only for the new licenses)   would be disabled in the old portal from 5th January 2010.

5.      50% of the available Web Wallet Balance would be transferred to the new portal to enable insurers to issue licenses from the new portal.

6.      The login ID/passwords would be emailed to all the new users. In respect of the existing users (DPs, Corporate DPs etc) the login would remain the same.

7.      From   5th January 2010 onwards, a unique reference number (URN) will be allocated for the candidates sponsored which will act as reference number for tracking the status of a candidate under licensing process.  Hence, the Agent Training Institutes should not allocate training for candidates without an IRDA URN after 20th January 2010. The Examination Bodies also should not allocate examination slots for candidates without an IRDA URN after 31st Jan 2010.

8.      Reports option on the old portal would continue to be available till 5th February 2010

9.      All candidates licensed in the old portal between 5th January 2010 – 5th February 2010 would be migrated to the new portal during 6th to 7th February 2010 (Saturday and Sunday). The entire web wallet balance from old portal would also be transferred to new portal during this period. To enable the service provider to complete this process, both old and new portal would not be available for use during these days.

10. From 8th February 2010 onwards, only the new portal would be active.

The demonstration videos and the user manuals explaining all the functions of the portal have been made available in our website under the following link: 

11. The minimum software and hardware required for usage of the new portal are:

  • Hardware: Pentium IV, 3.0 Ghz / 512 MB RAM or above
  • Software: Windows XP SP2 or above with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and above
  • A good quality entry level scanner for scanning the photographs and signatures

All the insurers, ATIs and examination bodies are requested to make a note of the above and comply. You may kindly contact our service provider NSE-IT in case of any difficulties. The contact details of the service provider have been made available in our agency licensing portal

(A. Giridhar)
Executive Director (Admn)




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